Welcome to Health Knowledge Corporation

Health Knowledge Corporation Nagpur, India in technical collaboration with Health Careers International Australia aimed at creating a talent pool of trained & skilled workforce for health & hospital industries. Health career international is an authorized training partner of health sector skill council of government of india.

In the era of technology and advancement , education becomes vital medium in crafting professionals who add to the sustainable development, success and welfare of the society. Health knowledge corporation was established with this belief. We are an organization that provides excellent training programme are a humble effort in bringing the gap between education and industry readiness.

Our team of experts with years of experience work hard to create individuals who make a difference in their fields. we have an extensive collection of knowledge references for a deeper study of subjects. Our teaching methodology is based on practically educating the learners along with studying a vast pool of knowledge. We have international tie-ups so as to give maximum knowledge exposure to the learners. This gives them an edge over others.

We, at Knowledge Health Corporation, are consistently working towards achieving our objective of shaping careers of peoples who will contribute in creating a healthy tomorrow


The mission is to reach the maximum people and provide them with the deeper knowledge of their field and more practical approach towards learning.


Health Knowledge Corporation Was Incorporated with the vision of educating, training and developing individuals so they are better equipped to serve the society.

Our Values

Our work is based on o greof volue system thot holds us together as o team. Our beliefs are bosed on the strong foundations of the four core values that we nurture


“Education is a powerful weapon we can use of change the world.”
-Nelson Mandela

To use this weapon for the larger good, we need to be well trained end well equipped with knowledge.


“All the growth depends open activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work”
-Calvin Coolidge

Continuous growth leads to development; and growth con be achieved by consistently working on updating knowledge, enhancing shifts and gaining practical experience


”Success doesn't necessarily come from breakthrough innovation, but from flawless execution. A great strategy alone want win o game or a battle; the win comes from basic blocking and tackling.”
-Naveen Jain

Far a great execution, we need o great pIan; and a great plan comes from deep study and understanding of the subjects of the field.


“Power has only one duty — to secure the welfare of the people.”
-Benjamin Disraeli

Knowledge is power and with great poorer comes great responsibility It is our duty to work for welfare of our society, our world.